Karsten Warholm sets World record

Norway’s Karsten Warholm was involved in a race for the ages to win the 400m hurdles gold at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday. American Rai Benjamin won the Silver medal by bettering the Old record of Norway’s Karsten Warholm which he set a month ago. Brazilian Alison dos Santos won the bronze medal.

This race is a race for the ages, as multiple world records were broken in a single race. This kind of event happens once in a lifetime and that is the reason we are mentioning it as a race for the ages.

Karsten Warholm breaks his Own world record which he set a month ago. Earlier,Warholm bettered Kevin Young’s 29-year world record, the previous record set by Kevin Young was 46.78 seconds.

In the Final, on Tuesday,Karsten Warholm finished the race in 45.94 seconds to win the Gold medal which is the present world record now. The Silver was won byAmerican Rai Benjamin (46.17 seconds) who beats the Old world record set by Warholm a month ago which was 46.70 seconds. Brazilian Alison dos Santos (46.72) who won the Bronze medal also broke one of the world records which was set by Kevin Young which was the all-time world record a month back.

Karsten Warholm sets World record

Warholm tore his jersey open when he first crossed the line. He did the same mouth-gaping look of celebration as when he announced himself into the world stage with his victory at the World Championships in 2017.

Warholm After the win said

“You know the cliché that it hasn’t sunk in yet? I don’t think it has, but I feel ecstatic,” Warholm said.

“I can’t believe the time, it’s so fast. A lot of the time I am asked about the perfect race. I said it didn’t exist but this is the closest I’ve ever come.

“I told myself going into the race, remember all the work you have put in. It was the only thing missing from my (medal) collection. I can’t describe how important this is for me. This is what I do morning until night, it’s huge.”

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