India vs England, Day 4: The day was a normal gloomy day typical English conditions while India kick-started the innings from where they left yesterday. And here comes the opener Kl Rahul and Rohit Sharma to the center. Even though on the other side Joe root unbeaten 180 helped them to cross the score from their point.

With two days of play left here, we should wait a while for the final conclusion. Like India will fight it out and win the match or else they will fight for a draw lets wait for the day how it goes and also let’s see the twist and turns involved in the innings. proceeding the opening pair went in a quick and both the wickets were taken by mark wood with his bounce and speed which he delivers at the point delivery he grabbed the first two wickets. Later followed by Virat Kohli captain he came to the crease and was comfortable to play a big inning as expected but suddenly. There is a twist in the tale a young left-hander named sam Curran from England came steaming into a bowl for Virat and Virat was slightly uncomfortable playing the deliveries bowled by Sam Curran so the pitch helped England bowler pretty much.

And at last sam Curran nicely sets up the wicket which he was anticipating which is Virat and he bowls to his weakness which is the fourth stump line from the left arm over the stumps. and Virat nicks the ball and was caught by Jos butler.

Speaking about the batting line up India has a batsman who is capable of making a match draw or a win. the name of the batter is Cheteshwar Pujara while he is rock solid with his own technique and also plays like the next wall of India to save the match.


He played around 30 oddballs to get off the mark. Well, to describe his innings there were many many arguments going in and around the Indian team. Due to his poor performance in the past 10 innings because many argued or commented for their batting lineup because there are many other players waiting in the lineup

So as the day progress even in a press meets Virat was questioned about the Pujara batting performance and he told to the reporter that he should be left alone to make a comeback with his batting performance. So this is the right time to shut all the “Time For Pujara to shut up the critics” Highlighted quote.

If he stays in and middle the ball and tackles the swing of Anderson whatever delivery may be inswing, outswing, bouncer, or a yorker, and if he is in for today’s play we as cricket fans well we get a huge treat to watch such an amazing knock after a long time.

Not to forget about the non-striker which is Ajinkya Rahane he is one of the batsmen who is totally known only for the overseas innings he usually helps India to make a huge score whatever the conditions maybe he is a great player in tests and even in shorter formats. On one side there is Pujara standing stubborn not to lose the wicket and on the other side, there is Rahane who is a great batsman.

From the England bowlers, Mark wood tried to unsettle the duo pair with a short ball deadly weapon but it was not enough at all because. The duo who batted 179 balls so far and managed 50 runs partnership in this innings. Even though the winning probability lies towards England but these duo pairs made sure that not to lose easily and we should fight for a win with a huge margin.

India was recovering well and heading towards a healthy lead with Rahane and Pujara batting comfortably without any problems but towards the end of Day 4, Indian fans were given some shock by Mark Wood and Moeen Ali. Mark Wood dismissed Pujara who stood tall snd stubborn (like Rahul Dravid used to be in the past for India in the 2nd innings) for 45 runs.

After some time, Moeen strikes with back-to-back wickets for England by dismissing Rahane and R Jadeja in the span of few deliveries. India finished the day with 181/6 with Pant batting on 14 and Ishant Sharma batting on 4. thanks to the Bad light which finished the day early and gave India some time to breathe and think of a strategy

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